Singapore considered being the most advance and cleanest city in South East Asia is a magnet to all travelers and tourists alike. In Singapore, you can have all you want and all you need is a load of time and of course budget.

If you want to experience the rich cultural heritage of the place, you can do so and visit little India and china town.  These places will give you a chance to experience the richness of Chinese and Indian cultures.  For some people who are into shopping and strolling, try the busiest shopping district of orchard road.  For adventure and thrill seekers, heed to Sentosa and enjoy the beach, the rides at the Universal Studio. Singapore is a tiny country, but, it has what you need.

How about food?

Singapore is also a home for many fine dining restaurants, leading fast food names and many local players, who offer the best local and international cuisine.  But, in Singapore, where most residents don’t cook their meals anymore, people are dependent to the local food stools, known as hawkers.  In every block of residential building in Singapore, stands a hawker center.

There are the bigger ones and some are smaller, but, all of them are regulated by the government, to make sure that they stake to the standard in sanitation and hygiene.  This hawker centers serve local Malaysian and Chinese foods.

Some of the hawker centers in Singapore:  The average price for a good meal is $2.50-$5.

  1. China Town Complex food center- the largest in Singapore with around 260 stalls, you can find most of the local food here.
  2. Old Airport Road Food Centre- It is one of the oldest hawker center in the island.  This hawker center is the host of several soya bean stalls in Singapore.
  3. Maxwell Road Hawker Centre- Dining there will also give you experience with the Chinese culture.
  4. Tiong Bahru Market Hawker Centre- located just above the biggest wet market in Singapore.
  5. Chomp Chomp Food Centre – this center caters mostly to the late diners.  They serve some of the best satay in Singapore.


Eating in hawker centers in Singapore is very pleasant and enjoyable.  Because hawker centers are regulated by the government, frequent inspections are conducted by the authorities to make sure, that they adhere to the standards set by the government.  Besides, most of the residents are eating their meals, from breakfast to dinner in these hawker centers.  It is common to see whole families, parents tagging along their kids in hawker centers before going to school and after school, before going home.

The experience:

Being able to dine and rub elbows with the locals, seeing them enjoy the local food is already a bonus for you.  But, having tried the local food and see for yourself how it is done and served, is another benefit that you will get.  In there, you can enjoy dining with friends and right after, enjoy few bottle of beer, before going home.  To top it all, hawker centers in Singapore are very safe and the people are friendly, much more to the young generations, who can communicate in English.